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About Us

Our Food Journey

Hello! We are The Schogers, a family of four residing in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, who have been dealing with food allergies for decades. To address the challenge of finding safe and delicious food options, we started a small family business, Buena Bites Freeze Dried Snacks, that specializes in producing safe snacks for our two teenage boys, who have food allergies and gluten intolerance. Mom Kelly, also suffers from anaphylactic allergies and Celiac Disease, which makes finding safe food options even more difficult.

This year, instead of taking a vacation, we invested in a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer and launched our business after being inspired by snacks our boys saw on TikTok.

We would like to our customers to feel safe in that while our facility is gluten-free, as required by our Cottage Food License, we must disclose that our products are manufactured in a facility that handles allergens. We are committed to providing transparent information to our customers regarding how our products are made.

Some of our freeze-dried candy contains soy, and some are produced in a facility that may contain allergens. However, we take precautions to prevent cross-contact by producing them at separate times from our "healthier" gluten-free candy. Our freeze-dried fruit is also produced separately for added safety, and Kelly, who is an extremely sensitive Celiac, has never experienced a reaction.

If you have any inquiries about our safety standards and allergy practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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